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Natural Deodorant | 50ml

Natural Deodorant | 50ml

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This is a natural, aluminum FREE DEODORANT. 

With only Kawakawa & lavender infused coconut oil, arrowroot & aluminium FREE baking soda, that is all that is included, in our amazingly beautiful, brand new BEEKAWA DEODORANT!!! This leaves your armpits feeling soft, light, nourished, and minimising perspiration & neutrilising odour.  This is in the form of a paste, using approx only 1/4 tsp, to rub onto your armpits.

Depending on the room temperature, this may be more of a paste, or if in cooler environments, will be more solid to touch ~ which will just need to be slightly warmed between your fingers, in order to spread.

NB : there shouldn't be any white residue left, but if there is, you'reprobably using too much, & yes, it will absolutely wash out, as it is obviously just the organic baking soda and arrowroot we use. Remember, a little does go a very long way!

DETOXING : if you move from using an aluminum based deodorant, to our amazing natural beekawa option, your body may detox, via sweat, and also our natural ingredients,  will draw it out of you too. This could show some discolouration on light colour tops ~ please note, these ARE NOT markings from the deodorant, it is actually your own toxins being released!! This should subside, once your body has made the move! Amazing huh!?! Maybe advise wearing a darker colour top at the beginning


KAWAKAWA : helps heal cuts / shaving irritations, scrapes and skin inflamation.  It delivers antioxidant actives for improved skin health appearance, and antibacterial properties which work to prevent scarring and skin infections.

LAVENDER : antibacterial, soothing irritated skin, helps clogged pores, accelerates healing

ARROWROOT : can reduce oil production, soften skin, promotes natural healing

BAKING SODA : contains anti-inflamatory and antiseptic properties, helping skin irritations, mild rashes, and helps neutrilise odour.